VEDA INCENSE REPOS お香 アンバー、モス、イランイラン | 焚かない時もおしゃれなお香
VEDA INCENSE REPOS お香 アンバー、モス、イランイラン | 焚かない時もおしゃれなお香
VEDA INCENSE REPOS お香 アンバー、モス、イランイラン | 焚かない時もおしゃれなお香
VEDA INCENSE REPOS お香 アンバー、モス、イランイラン | 焚かない時もおしゃれなお香
VEDA INCENSE REPOS お香 アンバー、モス、イランイラン | 焚かない時もおしゃれなお香



REPOS / reportage

When you open the window, you can smell the faint smell of winter.
At night, relax by the fireplace with your favorite blanket and book.
A complex and warm amber scent and a moss scent reminiscent of the forest.
The deep ylang-ylang brings it together comfortably.

The thick glitter black incense creates a feeling of elation like an object.

Vedic incense is carefully produced by a long-established Japanese manufacturer that has been making incense sticks since the 1930s. This extra thick glitter black incense is designed to blend in with your interior, and is a new room fragrance that even those who don't like smoke can enjoy, with minimal smoke. The scent is an original incense created by a perfumer who has translated the story drawn by Veda into a scent. A highly skilled perfumer who is familiar with incense, heat and drying, which is said to be difficult to scent, has created a scent that does not change much between before and during burning, and is of the highest quality that you can fully feel the craftsmanship. This is incense. The easy-to-take, functional, and modern box creates a feeling of elation even more as an object. You can enjoy your favorite scent while traveling with the special travel case (sold separately) that makes carrying your incense beautiful.


A collection of scents that will leave you feeling elated <Veda Incense>
It's an experience that enriches your life.
It has a pleasant stimulation and moves your heart.
Exhilarating experiences are what enrich life.
Veda Incense is more than just a room fragrance.
Gracefully creating a series of gestures and spaces that allow you to enjoy the scent.
Incense creates a feeling of elation as an object even when it is not burned.
A high-quality, contemporary collection.
It is a new experience through scent that changes the everyday to the extraordinary.


Craftsmanship in Vedic Incense


oriental notes

Amber, moss, ylang ylang


Internal capacity:
-30 pieces size (cm):
-Incense: length approx. 7
-BOX: Width approx. 11.2 Height approx. 3 Depth approx. 7
Burning time:
-About 20 minutes Main ingredients:
-Charcoal powder, Cucumber powder, fragrance Country of origin:


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高揚感に包まれる香りのコレクション〈ヴェーダ インセンス〉それは、人生を豊かにするための体験。心地よい刺激があり、心を動かしてくれる、高揚感のある体験こそが、人生を豊かにする。ヴェーダ インセンスは、ただのルームフレグランスとしてではなく、香りを楽しむ一連の仕草や空間を優美に、焚かない時間もオブジェとして高揚感を演出するお香。上質でコンテンポラリーなコレクションは、日常から非日常へと変わる、香りを通した新しい体験です。






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