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R TRAY | VEDA OBJECT 大理石 アール トレイ
R TRAY | VEDA OBJECT 大理石 アール トレイ
R TRAY | VEDA OBJECT 大理石 アール トレイ
R TRAY | VEDA OBJECT 大理石 アール トレイ
R TRAY | VEDA OBJECT 大理石 アール トレイ



R TRAY is an object handcrafted one by one in a carefully selected atelier in Japan.
With the theme of "beauty" consisting of imperfections and irregularities, this tray is inspired by valleys sculpted by wind and water and leaves with water droplets.
Using natural marble, skilled craftsmen carve out by hand one by one.
Therefore, the finished tray is a one-of-a-kind object that is unique.
You can enjoy the sense of unity with the space and the feel of it by processing the high-quality marble with damage.
By embedding a silver plate on the back side, the final finish is gorgeous.

-SIZE (cm)
Width Approx. 19.5 Height Approx. 3 Depth Approx. 14
Marble <Bianco Carrara>
Made in Japan

Bianco Carrara ( Bianco Carrara )
Bianco Carrara is a world-famous Italian marble. The contrast between white and gray gives an elegant and luxurious feeling, and it is the highest quality stone that has been used for buildings and sculptures since the Roman era.

※The pattern of the marble is different one by one.

-Because it is natural marble, patterns and colors are different, and there are individual differences. Stone grains, voids, cracks, and pinholes may be mixed in.
-Do not hit or drop anything on it as it may easily crack or break.
-Since it is vulnerable to acid, do not use acidic detergents or mold removers during maintenance.
-When cleaning with water, be sure to wipe with a dry cloth.
-Enjoy the unique texture and aging of natural materials.




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