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大理石のお香立て INCENSE HOLDER "CIRCLE" インセンスホルダー サークル
大理石のお香立て INCENSE HOLDER "CIRCLE" インセンスホルダー サークル
大理石のお香立て INCENSE HOLDER "CIRCLE" インセンスホルダー サークル



An art-like object that creates a sense of exhilaration.
Marble incense holder.

A natural marble incense holder that creates a luxurious space and gives you an uplifting feeling as an object even when you don't burn incense.
CIRCLE is an attractive circular object with volume.

The curves and circles on the upper surface, hand-carved by Japanese craftsmen, create a soft and elegant atmosphere.

Incense holder made of high quality natural marble.
The elegant matte finish and the careful craftsmanship of the details give it an even more luxurious feel as an object.
Each piece is carefully handcrafted by Japanese craftsmen.

Incense holder circle

The natural marble incense holders, which are produced in a Japanese atelier with a history of about 100 years, have curves that do not make you feel the hardness of the stone, matte finish that blends well with interiors, and beautiful chamfers that exude beauty. It can only be achieved by the craftsmanship that has been done. It is a natural marble object that you can feel the warmth of handwork with a unique expression because it is not mass-produced but made by hand.

-SIZE (cm)
Φ about 9 height about 3
Marble <Norwegian Rose>
Made in Japan

Norwegian Rose
Premium Marble Norwegian Rose from Norway. The elegant and beautiful marble is a work of art created by nature with a variety of colors such as pink, white and green.

※The pattern of the marble is different one by one.

-Because it is natural marble, patterns and colors are different, and there are individual differences. Stone grains, voids, cracks, and pinholes may be mixed in.
-Do not hit or drop anything on it as it may easily crack or break.
-Since it is vulnerable to acid, do not use acidic detergents or mold removers during maintenance.

-When cleaning with water, be sure to wipe with a dry cloth.
-Enjoy the unique texture and aging of natural materials.


Collection <Veda Incense> of fragrance wrapped in uplifting feeling
It's an experience that enriches your life.
There is pleasant stimulation and moves the heart,
An uplifting experience enriches life.
Veda Incense is not just a room fragrance,
A series of gestures and spaces to enjoy the scent gracefully,
Incense that creates an uplifting feeling as an object even when it is not burning.
A high-quality, contemporary collection
It is a new experience through scent that changes from ordinary to extraordinary.

Craftsmanship in Vedic Incense




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