VEDA is a lifestyle brand established in Japan in 2021 with the aim of making life richer and more beautiful. It combines contradictory elements such as strength and softness, perfection and imperfection, past and future, glamor and tranquility, and provides a modern, minimal style and a comfortable and stimulating "experience". Vedic craftsmanship begins with the selection of materials and craftsmen based on concepts, ideas and designs. We create a strong and beautiful design with simplicity, uncompromising genuine quality and a quest for skilled craftsmanship. In order to become a brand that will be loved for a long time beyond the times, we value small-lot production that creates valuable items one by one, rather than producing many products. Collections that reflect our cause and concept will develop products and services that touch all aspects of life without being bound by categories.


Information and things are overflowing, and today we can live without any inconvenience.
Precisely because it is such an era, each choice has a meaning.
Be unadorned and focus on your own pleasure rather than the admiration of others.

In order to enrich our lives, we need pleasant stimuli and exciting “things and things” experiences that satisfy us.

It is something with a sense of fun that catches the eye and catches the eye.
You can feel the commitment of the creator and respect it. Something that you want to cherish with attachment.

Through the Veda, we will provide the “experience” that is important for living a rich life.


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